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Uncategorized awards
Newcomer Award
Given to new members to encourage them to make their first post or participate in discussions.
Total awarded: 1
Veteran Award
Recognizes long-standing members who have been active contributors to the community for an extended period.
Total awarded: 1
Helpful Answer Award
Awarded to members who consistently provide helpful and accurate answers to questions posed by other members.
Total awarded: 1
Problem Solver Award
Given to members who contribute solutions to common problems faced by the community.
Total awarded: 1
Community Spirit Award
Given to members who actively participate in community events, discussions, and support others in a positive manner.
Total awarded: 2
Community Ambassador Award
Given to members who actively promote the community, recruit new members, or help foster a positive environment.
Total awarded: 2
Tech Guru/Expert Award
Awarded to members who demonstrate expertise in a specific field or topic discussed within the community.
Total awarded: 1
Moderator's Choice Award
Selected by the forum moderators to recognize outstanding contributions or behaviors that align with the community's values.
Total awarded: 2
Creative Content Award
Recognizes members who share original and creative content, such as artwork, writing, or multimedia.
Total awarded: 2
Top Contributor Award
Recognizes members who consistently provide valuable and high-quality contributions to the community.
Total awarded: 7
BeAgeek Award
Celebrating community superheroes who inspire epic learning journeys with their curiosity, knowledge, and passion. Reserved for true geeks who go beyond the ordinary to share their love for exploration.
Total awarded: 1
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